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Logibec has been in business for nearly 40 years, but we’re still the same incubator of powerful, customized, innovative solutions whose sole purpose is to improve health-care performance and help health-care managers to implement technological change and deliver patient care.

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Solutions developed in collaboration with healthcare sector

Logibec is synonymous with innovation and expertise, combined with a nearly 40-year track record of building partnerships and implementing advanced technologies with health-care institutions. This close collaboration with healthcare clients is why Logibec succeeds in offering the best technology solutions on the market.

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Expertise that fulfils highest requirements

Our extended Quebec experience lets us meet the most sophisticated technological requirements to drive us into new territories and meet the challenges of the broader Canadian market, even international.

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  • Logibec Announces the Acquisition of AnalysisWorks
    Logibec Announces the Acquisition of AnalysisWorks
    Montréal (Québec), Canada - Logibec inc. (Logibec) announced today the acquisition of AnalysisWorks, a company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. This transaction supports Logibec's growth in Canada and consolidates its position in Performance Management and Analytics for healthcare.
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  • Creation of the Canadian Centre for Innovation
    Creation of the Canadian Centre for Innovation
    We are thrilled to announce the creation of Logibec’s Canadian Centre for Innovation to enhance our cutting-edge technology development capabilities. This initiative will involve all our employees across the country in research activities and the advancement of high-growth products.
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  • Logibec announces the acquisition of Knowlegde4You Corporation
    Logibec announces the acquisition of Knowlegde4You Corporation
    Logibec Inc. (Logibec) today announced the acquisition of Knowledge4You Corporation, a Markham, Ontario-based company. This transaction will bring e-learning and medical education offerings to Logibec’s broad suite of clinical, financial and administrative healthcare market solutions.
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