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Who we are

Technology solutions powered by 40 years of expertise


Logibec is the leader in the development and implementation of IT ecosystems in healthcare. With nearly 40 years of experience in the industry, Logibec continues to innovate and develop technology solutions that enable its customers patient care optimization. 

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Our Mission

Logibec is transforming healthcare by developing IT solutions. The new technologies it develops give the healthcare industry a head start in care optimization.


Our Vision

Create a world where healthcare experience means peace of mind.


Our Values

  • Leadership is influencing our future
  • Innovation is creating our future
  • Collaboration is cultivating our future
  • Human is Being is our future

Leadership is about… shaping our future

At Logibec, leadership capabilities are inherent to each individual. Leadership propels the organization to new heights based on one’s exemplary savoir-faire and confirmed know-how. Leaders will gather and inspire the commitment of our people—even in the face of adversity. Leaders marshal their individual strengths to help shape Logibec's future.

Innovation is about… creating our future

At Logibec, innovation is the ability to adapt to change and dream of the future by straying from the beaten path. The freedom to create and be daring—with confidence—paves the way for daily actions that contribute to positioning the organization ahead of the competition. Innovation stems from both our individual imagination and collective agility.


Collaboration is about... cultivating our future

At Logibec, collaboration is at the heart of our success. To work—in a healthy and harmonious way—alongside our partners and customers, listen with openness, be curious, exchange and recognize the strengths of others, is to cultivate the future of our organization. Collaboration is about winning together.

Human is about… owning our future

At Logibec, everyone recognizes their collaborators as being humane. Forging quality, authentic, caring and trustworthy relationships, as well as being empathic and open to frank conversations, are at the core of who we all are as individuals. Our organization’s identity is derived from knowing yourself, projecting the best version of yourself, and favouring the combination of multiple disciplines across generations. Being humane is what distinguishes us at Logibec.