Enhancing Nurse Scheduling Efficiency with Simplified Processes for Nurses, Schedulers, and Directors


Logibec Scheduling & Analytics

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Save Time with an Automated Scheduling Solution for Hospital Staff


Remove Manual Processes and Avoid Schedule Modification Errors

  • Ensure an accurate, up-to-date, real-time schedule accessible from anywhere
  • All-in-one automated solution to coordinate healthcare employees’ day-to-day activities
  • Avoid overtime, prevent staff shortages and ensure no scheduled shift is left unfilled
  • Increase your team autonomy and build more efficient processes 
  • Make management and communication tasks a priority as a Scheduler


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They Trust Logibec Scheduling & Analytics

An Automated Scheduling Solution Capable of Managing Healthcare Organizations of all Sizes


Optimal up-to-date and fair scheduling

Efficient scheduling tool that centralizes all your team requests and shift changes, while ensuring them a fair and always up-to-date schedule


Time-saving with self-service shift swaps

Less administrative work by giving your team the autonomy to swap shifts via self-service, while staying informed via notifications


Increase Your Team Satisfaction

Absence requests, availability, and personal preferences are entered by each employee through Logibec S&A, which you can approve with one click

Feature Highlights for Schedulers and Planners

  • Automated scheduling considering business rules, personal requests, and absences
  • Shift distribution based on roles, collective agreements, and personal preferences
  • Shift divisions for more flexible assignments and transfers 
  • Equitable distribution of specific shifts among team members
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Shift swaps initiated between staff with manager’s final approval
  • Virtual bulletin board to offer open shifts to staff with the same roles
  • Instant notifications about schedule changes

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