Webinair | June 23rd, 2020 | 3 PM EST


Addressing the Key Issues of Staff Scheduling in Canadian Healthcare


Logibec Scheduling & Analytics

Staff scheduling plays a central role in the management of Canadian hospitals’ day-to-day activities. To this day, it remains a very conventional and people-driven process that relies mostly on manual labour.  

Cloud-based technology is now offering new practical ways to optimize conventional scheduling processes to meet the 6 main challenges in healthcare staff scheduling.

During this webinar, discover Logibec Scheduling & Analytics's plateform. It is the next generation staff scheduling solution designed to provide schedulers and managers the access to analytical data to support their operational and strategic decisions. 

This webinar will be followed by a question period during which you will be able to exchange with our Product Director, Lori Furey, and our Product Analyst, Michelle Monroy.
Date : June 23rd, 2020
Hour : 3:00 PM
Duration : 60 Min

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Points Covered

in this webinar


  • Key HR business problems in healthcare facilities
  • System upgrade or new technology: What to chose?
  • Key consideration points when selecting the right scheduling solution for a care facility
  • How should scheduling work in a pandemic context?
  • Overview of Logibec Scheduling & Analytics Features
  • Discussion and question period

6 Main Challenges Faced by Healthcare Staff


1. Lack of base rotations for proper staffing allocation

2. Last minute shift replacements and shift change requests

3. Staff shortages of qualified health professionals to fill shift requirements
4. Employee stress/burnout of inefficient scheduling practices leads to overutilized employees and increased absences
5. Limited transparency with employee schedules to view their real-time schedule, shifts that are available for pick-up, or make changes to their schedule easily.
6. Rising operational costs due to improper staffing allocations and increased overtime situations

Optimal Up-to-date and Fair Scheduling


crochetEnsure a fair shifts

crochetGuarantee a 24/7 shift coverage

crochetRespect skill-mix coverage

crochetRespect collective agreement rules

Logibec Scheduling & Analytics

Improve Your Team Satisfaction for Better Care

crochetReduce excessive workloads

crochetDecrease overtime

crochetAddress shortage of qualified healthcare workers

crochetMandate staffing levels

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Time Saving With Self-service Shift Swaps

crochetCover quickly last-minute absences

crochetManage efficiently constant scheduling changes

crochetAccess schedules in real-time schedule

crochetSwap or pick-up available shifts

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