Logibec Strom

Optimizing patient flow and clinical workload distribution

Improving employee wellness to provide better patient care

Logibec Strom is the brand new solution combining both clinical and human capital management information systems. This innovative solution promotes balanced workloads for healthcare staff and offers an objective overview of the current and future situation of all care units and emergency rooms.

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Team of nurses in a meeting to assign clinical tasks to work on during their work shift

$270 M

Cost associated with overtime paid to nurses in 2018.


In 2019, the turnover rate for nurses in Quebec was 3X higher than the normal threshold.


workload is key to the satisfaction of the nursing staff.

Increased employee satisfaction and well-being 

The Logibec Strom solution contributes to staff satisfaction by balancing clinical workload in healthcare center. A landmark study indicates that nurses' job satisfaction is the most important predictor of patient satisfaction.1


Retention and recruitment

A healthy work environment that optimizes employee well-being is an important driver of retention.  A better adapted and distributed workload generates not only retention among employees, but also attraction for external candidates.  


Improving the quality of care 

Staffing management that contributes to workload balance also has a positive impact on medical errors, falls, mortality rates and other adverse events such as readmissions. 


Cost reductions

Better insight into future needs allows for proactive in assigning staff. 

With optimization and prediction algorithms in Logibec Strom, it is possible to reduce unexpected costs due to absenteeism or increased occupancy.

Better management of assignments contributes to the reduction of overtime and short and long-term absenteeism due to burnout and agency use


1 Baumann, A., L. O'Brien-Pallas, M. Armstrong-Stassen, J. Blythe, R. Bourbonnais, S. Cameron et al. 2001. Commitment and Care: The Benefits of a Healthy Workplace for Nurses, Their Patients and the System – A Policy Synthesis. Ottawa: Canadian Health Services Research Foundation.
Task Allocation 
The Task Allocation function of the Logibec Strom solution provides access to a dynamic overview of personnel needs based on nurse-patient quotas and the clinical situation of the units (occupancy rate and acuity) for the entire facility. It allows managers to be proactive and carry out staff movements based on an objective vision of the clinical situation.

The Staffing component of the solution makes it possible to automate the management of emergency room and unit assignments according to criteria specific to each department (rotation, continuity of care, qualifying trajectory, etc.). Managers can accept or reject the scenarios proposed by the optimization algorithm.

The Location module offers a view with a physical representation of all clinical locations, whether it is emergency, care units, the operating room, or the mortuary. It promotes the rapid identification of the healthcare team assigned to the patient.
This optimization component promotes synchronicity of care and efficient management of patient flows through prioritization tools for pre-discharge activities and movement simulation scenarios.

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Continuum Health

Optimize the patient journey at every stage of the care trajectory with in-depth analytical reports and real-time visual representations of objective achievement through performance indicators presented in a single, user-friendly interface.

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Performance & Analytics

Have access to predictive scenarios and strategic recommendations based on your healthcare facility’s Big Data to support your daily decisions and drive the achievement of your operational objectives related to patient services quality and efficiency.


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