Logibec Emergency Redirection

Relieving emergency department overcrowding and reducing wait times

Assess and redirect eligible patients to a medical clinic in 6 clicks

Logibec ER Redirection is an IT solution built for healthcare professionals working in emergency triage. With its unique medical algorithm and user-friendly interface, Logibec ER Redirection assesses eligible patients and safely redirects them to a nearby medical clinic with 6 clicks and within an average of 30 seconds.

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Improving healthcare access with Logibec ER Redirection

Discover how Logibec ER Redirection simplifies triage nurses' daily tasks, increases the level of patient satisfaction, and decreases wait times in the emergency room.

Deployed in 60 healthcare institutions and medical clinics across Quebec, Logibec ER Redirection has redirected more than 70,000 patients to this date and is continuing its growth in Europe with two pilot projects at the CHRU de Nancy and the CH d'Angoulême.



Ratio of patients eligible for the program who agreed to be redirected.


Ratio of nursing staff who state they are comfortable using this tool

400 000

Number of patients who could be redirected every year in Québec alone.

Facilitate access to care

Emergency Department overcrowding is associated with an increased risk of mortality. Logibec Emergency Redirection significantly reduces overcrowding by redirecting approximately 15% of ambulatory patients to a medical clinic partner, decreasing wait times by up to 44% for a certain type of ambulatory clientele.

Rely on a safe, tried and tested solution

With over 45,000 redirected patients and a low rate of returns to the emergency room (3%), Logibec Emergency Redirection’s medical algorithm meets the highest safety standards in eligibility assessment. By tackling Emergency Department overcrowding, Logibec Emergency Redirection helps reduce by 35% the number of patients who leave before being seen.

Improve patient experience in the Emergency Department

After being redirected to medical clinic partner and seen within 36 hours, 95% of redirected patients believe that a solution such as Logibec Emergency Redirection should be available province-wide.

Optimize efficiency at triage

Simple, fast and easy to use, Logibec Emergency Redirection allows patients to be assessed and redirected in only six clicks, without adding work for triage staff and in compliance with confidentiality standards linked to patient information.

Exclusive Medical Algorithm

Logibec Emergency Redirection’s unique, constantly evolving medical algorithm includes more than 50 reasons for routine consultations accompanied by specific contraindications to make the assessment safe. 

Online Assessment Form

The decision-making process is visually adapted to the work performed at Emergency Triage.

Direct Appointment Booking at Partner Clinics

Available time slots reserved for redirected patients at partner clinics are directly accessible to Triage staff and updated in real time.

Autonomous Clinic Availability Management

Available time slots reserved for redirected patients are easily managed by partner clinics, according to their needs.

Protected Patient Information

Redirected patients receive a printed document that contains no identifying information and provides their confirmation number, the date and time of their appointment, and a map to the clinic.

Analytical Reports

Statistical data can be extracted on demand to facilitate close monitoring of the project by institution staff and partner clinics.

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Continuum Health

Optimize the patient journey at every stage of the care trajectory with in-depth analytical reports and real-time visual representations of objective achievement through performance indicators presented in a single, user-friendly interface.

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Performance & Analytics

Have access to predictive scenarios and strategic recommendations based on your healthcare facility’s Big Data to support your daily decisions and drive the achievement of your operational objectives related to patient services quality and efficiency.


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