Patient Care Management

Solutions designed to optimize the continuum of care

Logibec offers a wide range of innovative technological solutions designed to improve patient experience and optimize their care pathways: from the arrival at the hospital to the return at home, facilitating each transition along the way.

Logibec eClinibase

Optimizing clinical and administrative management, and centralizing information from multiple health centers for end-to-end support of ambulatory care.

Nurse monitoring the ambulatory activities of users and the length of their stays at the emergency department
Mother waiting with her baby in a hospital emergency room

Logibec ER Redirection

Reducing emergency room overcrowding with a unique solution that assesses and redirects eligible patients to a medical clinic.


Logibec Strom

Getting a current and projected clinical picture of the care units and emergency rooms in order to better distribute the workload of healthcare staff.

Nurse with her manager analyzing the occupancy rate and the acuity of the care unit

Logibec AI Readmission

Decreasing the rate of unplanned patient readmissions thanks to an innovative prediction solution powered by artificial intelligence.

Asian acute care patient ready to received his personalized discharge plan

Continuum Health

Optimize the patient journey at every stage of the care trajectory with in-depth analytical reports and real-time visual representations of objective achievement through performance indicators presented in a single, user-friendly interface.

Healthcare professional consulting a patient's medical report | mobile device
Health science researcher analyzing patient medical data

Performance & Analytics

Have access to predictive scenarios and strategic recommendations based on your healthcare facility’s Big Data to support your daily decisions and drive the achievement of your operational objectives related to patient services quality and efficiency.


Need a Customized Solution?

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