A scalable patient datamart specific to each healthcare facility

Centralizing clinical and financial data on a single cloud computing platform

ContinuumCore is Continuum Health’s dashboarding platform. When combined with Intellium, ContinuumCore provides full access to a scalable datamart. As needs and data evolve, ContinuumCore also does, ensuring that clients always benefit from fully-optimized data management.

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Manager and her team analyzing clinical and financial reports of the healthcare facility

Centralized data

on one platform.

Quality data

accessible in real time.

Secure management

of data and user access.

Centralized data

ContinuumCore integrates more than 100 connectors into a single data warehouse, and new data connectors are regularly added. It provides a single point of access to all your clinical and financial data while ensuring that the impact on your source systems is limited, planned and controlled.

Organized and documented data

ContinuumCore lets users organize their data by topic for easy use. The solution also provides agnostic data for seamless querying of diverse sources as well as dictionary-based data documentation for precise definitions, easy understanding and fast searches.

Quality data

ContinuumCore uses data normalization to standardize values and data validation to detect problems. It features data improvement tools, processes and report builders. It also provides a transactional integration process to maintain data coherence at all times.

Enhanced data with cutting-edge tools

With ContinuumCore, regular calculation results are readily available, along with a single definition of the calculation. The solution creates links between data points, per patient or per episode of care, to simplify queries involving multiple topics at once. It is also possible to integrate geospatial, demographic, user-generated and non-structured data.

Robust security

ContinuumCore includes a user access security management tool and complete audits.

Denormalized Views 

Optimal understanding of information management through comprehensive, documented denormalized views to facilitate navigation through the data and make it easily readable by non-technical users.

Data Quality 

ContinuumCore relies on more than 700 embedded data quality validations and a proactive alert system that targets potential issues and challenges. 


Real-time analytics leverage the entire continuum of care, making ContinuumCore a genuinely patient-centric solution.


As a SaaS solution, ContinuumCore can be hosted in the cloud or on premise to give each institution the flexibility to implement the infrastructure in accordance with its own organizational needs. 

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