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Electronic Document Management

Optimize the performance of your operations


Eliminating Paper and Increasing Performance with Electronic Forms

Available only in French

Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)

Intelligent Forms and Automated Care Trajectories

The Electronic Document Manager (EDM) is a centralized platform for intelligent form creation, document management, and clinical workflow automation. The tool enables the computerization of paper forms and the real-time dissemination of collected data in order to optimize the flow of clinical information to accelerate patient care.


Discover several use cases where EDM has helped eliminate paper
Available only in French



decrease in the amount of inventory of forms



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of clients say EDM evolves with industry needs


What our clients gain by switching to EDM forms


Traditional paper forms


Electronic forms

Paper printing, storage, and handling costs

Reduction of material costs and time spent handling forms

Double entry of information in other systems increases the risk of errors and omissions

Automatic recording of information in the various connected systems

Extended delays in care due to manual processing and transfer of information

Instant access to information that can reduce existing delays in care

Manual calculation of quantitative data collected

Standardized data compilation and simplified reporting

Risk of losing important documents and of unauthorized access to patient health information

Secure management of access granted according to form type, user role, and profile access

Difficulty in tracking changes

Logging of modifications and consultations

Time wasted searching for patient information in multiple separate documents

Real-time centralization and transfer of information with instant access

Examples of ready-made forms


Request for

The electronic surgery request is directly connected to the Opera system, which eliminates double data entry and allows the consolidation of several documents into one form


Medical imaging

The complete computerization of prescriptions avoids sending them by fax, offers more autonomy to physicians and allows the automatic transfer of electronic prescriptions to the RIS and the EMR



Electronic transmission of the hospitalization summary sheet increases team efficiency and reduces completion time while allowing automatic data upload to the EMR and other systems



The use of electronic forms allows the production of synoptic reports as well as other documents required for the endoscopy trajectory

 " There is a decrease in overall processing time. The electronic process helps reduce errors and lost prescriptions, and makes documents clearer and easier to read. The tool also facilitates prioritization and allows for a shorter cycle leading to imaging examinations. The time saved is redirected to the time needed for outpatient appointments, increasing capacity and access to care. "

Éric Savoie

Specialized Clinical Analyst, lead for the electronic medical imaging prescription implementation project at the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal – 2021

High potential for interoperability and integration

Are you using an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or in the process of acquiring one? The benefits of EDM lie in its high interoperability and the depth of possible integrations with a vast ecosystem of peripheral tools, including several Logibec products.


More on EMR Integration (available only in French)


Key Features


Advanced Intelligent Forms

  • Data validation and use of conditional fields, signatures, and countersignatures
  • Intelligent forms with dynamic fields, predefined value domains and complex instructions (macros), and context-sensitive visualization
  • Dependencies between fields and forms


Increased Information Security

  • Saving consultation history and changes made to forms
  • Advanced management of access granted according to form type, user roles, and profile access
  • Secure single authentication via Keycloak and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Security (LDAP)


Operational Efficiency of Teams

  • Automated workflows and form-related tasks
  • Access to information anytime, anywhere, by anyone
  • Access to form templates created by other healthcare facilities in Quebec

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