Patient Care Management

Logibec eClinibase
Facilitates access to information on service requests and appointments

Logibec EDM
Generates intelligent forms and centralize clinical documentation

Logibec Radimage
Simplifies medical imaging procedures and data extraction

Logibec Emergency Redirection
Assists triage staff in identifying and redirecting non-emergency cases

    Human Capital Management

    Logibec Scheduling
    Provides caregivers with schedules that suit their needs

    Logibec Strom
    Optimizes patient flow and clinical workload distribution

    Logibec MedSIS 3C
    Provides a platform for competency-based training

      Financial and Material Resources Management

      Logibec FMS
      Automates financial workflows and optimizes financial strategies

      Logibec MMS
      Strengthens control over the healthcare supply chain

        Performance & Analytics

        Logibec ContinuumCore
        Centralizes healthcare information in a scalable data warehouse

        Logibec Operational Insights
        Leads to optimal management of surgeries and inpatient beds

          Our IT and BI experts help you set up and optimize the Microsoft Power BI platform, connecting it directly to our Logibec data warehouses so you can leverage the information you need to streamline your operations.


          Logibec solutions that connect to Microsoft Power BI


          data cubes available


          of clients believe their needs are well understood

          Made-to-measure, proven analytics tables

          Microsoft Power BI analytics tables consolidate all the reports and performance indicators your teams need on a single page so they can leverage your existing data to track operations in real-time. You can also customize access to the various tables.

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          Priority access to over 140 Logibec data cubes

          When you use our services, your Microsoft Power BI tables leverage Logibec solution data cubes on human capital and financial, materials and clinical management, depending on the solutions deployed in your environment. This is the most stable, reliable way to ensure the quality of the data displayed.

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          A smooth transition to Power BI with support for generating reports

          We help you find the best way to present the data that support your objectives. Our teams can also facilitate change management by training your staff on how to use Power BI and converting some of your existing reports for you.

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          Examples of Microsoft Power BI Dashboards

          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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