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Logibec S&A, staff scheduling solution designed to provide schedulers and managers with access to analytical data


A Cloud Solution Capable of Managing Healthcare Organizations of All Sizes


Centralized Request Management Prior to Scheduling via the Self-Service Mobile Application

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  • Absence requests, availability, and personal constraints entered by employees via the Staff Scheduling application.
  • Approval of individual requests by managers and/or schedulers within the application.


Automated Scheduling Process Based on Group-Specific Characteristics and Rules


  • Takes into account fixed rules (job categories, union rules, contractual agreements, equity, etc.).
  • Takes into account individual requests (absence requests, availability, personal constraints, etc.).


Instant Notification of Changes to Schedules after Publication

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  • Allows shift exchanges between employees via the self-service mobile application.
  • Guarantees schedules updated in real-time, available from anywhere at any time.


Extraction of Advanced Analytical Data for More Accurate Timetables


  • Accurately predicts the number of employees to be scheduled for a shift based on acuity of care.
  • Reduces costs associated with trial-and-error planning and unnecessary overtime.