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Enhancing Nurse Scheduling Efficiency with Simplified Processes for Nurses, Schedulers, and Directors

Logibec Scheduling & Analytics


Scale Your Scheduling Operations with Logibec Scheduling & Analytics

Reduce Costs of Unnecessary Overtime and Administrative Work

  • Ensure an accurate real-time schedule accessible from all web-enabled devices
  • All-in-one digital solution to coordinate healthcare employees' day-to-day activities
  • Avoid unnecessary overtime and manage absenteeism effectively to maintain budget control
  • Increase your team autonomy and build more efficient processes
  • Increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity for better patient care
  • Access to the right information, in a timely manner, for impactful decision-making

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An Automated Scheduling Solution Capable of Managing Healthcare Organizations of all Sizes

Less Overtime and Staff Shortages for Better Care

Avoid preventable situations like staff shortages and overtime with timely shift replacements of last-minute openings

Assure efficient and interoperable payroll process

Cloud-based platform that centralizes all employee absences, shift swaps, and hours worked for an accurate payroll

Intelligent Dynamic Scheduling Tool

Automated scheduling processes and configurable scheduling rules to create fair schedules

Feature Highlights for Managers, Directors, and Administrators

  • Master rotations and budgeted baselines for balanced schedules
  • Balance staffing and skill mix for excellence in patient care
  • Ensure compliance with complex union rules with highly-configurable scheduling rules 
  • Equitable distribution of shifts among team members following business rules
  • On-demand reports on workforce activities provide data on staffing and time & attendance trends
  • Increase employee engagement, collaboration, and transparency with access to real-time work schedules
  • Customizable dashboard to access the information you need, when you need it
  • Reduce payroll errors with digital time captures for timesheet updates with actual hours worked