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Logibec Scheduling & Analytics is a 100% web-based staff scheduling solution designed for and offered exclusively to the Canadian healthcare industry.  Our solution allows you to plot shifts, manage exceptions, find and schedule replacements, post schedules, generate accurate timecards, run reports, and much more to complete the staff scheduling cycle.

This robust solution was designed to take the information from Human Capital Management/Payroll systems and use it to populate master rotations and schedules.

At Logibec, we believe there are 5 fundamental phases in the staff scheduling cycle that are critical for efficiency in creating, maintaining and balancing the schedule, as well as ensuring compliance to the many, complex scheduling and collective agreement requirements.  These five phases are:  Master Rotation, Scheduling, Schedule Maintenance, Staffing and Time & Attendance.  This innovative automation in our solution provides all users with mobile access through self-service capabilities, as well as the benefits of the reporting and analytics tools that deliver information directly to their dashboards to readily view alerts, notifications and action items.



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Scheduling & Analytics
Key Features and Benefits

Customizable Dashboard
Improve visibility and interaction with work activities using customizable dashboard widgets.  Highlight areas requiring action, including unfilled shifts, required approvals and variances from baselines.

Master Rotation
Ensure balance to the budget and FTEs when defining scheduling requirements according to contractual requirements and unique business needs.  Create baselines, define and plot shifts, and balance shifts to the baseline.

Shift Replacement
Respond to shift change needs quickly and effectively with pre-defined replacement rules.  Determine potential replacement employees in a contractually-defined order for logical shift assignments.

Automated Shift Callout
Transform the time-consuming shift fulfillment process with automated shift callouts.  Eliminate manual phone calls and emails, send shift offers directly to employees through automated text and/or voice messages.

Employee Self-Service
Empower employees to actively participate in managing their work schedules with self-service capabilities accessible from any web-enabled device.  Employees can view their schedule, indicate availability, respond to open shifts, perform shift swaps and request leave.

Regulatory Compliance
Ensure compliance with collective agreements and organization-specific business rules through customized configuration capabilities.  Define scheduling, overtime and replacement rules by employee group and occupation.


View and manage schedules in real time. Customize and save load and content criteria, add absences, edit shift details, view shift history, approve shifts, and run shift replacement simulation.

Shift Bidding
Encourage employees to sign-up for open shifts using the automated shift bidding process.  Create replacement rule sets to pre-determine which employees can view and bid on offered shifts.

Shift Swap
Enable employees to have more control over their work schedules. Employees can collaborate with colleagues and managers to gain acceptance and approval of shift swap requests through automated workflow.

Leave Management (optional)
Enable employee and manager collaboration with automated leave requests.  Employees can submit leave requests directly to their manager and managers can view and respond to requests through automated workflow.

Time & Attendance (optional)
Increase awareness and visibility into workforce attendance with accurate time capture capabilities.  Manage exceptions between schedule and time capture variances, identify trends and analyze valuable time and attendance data with intelligent reports and dashboards.

Business Intelligence/Analytics
Gain insight and analyze valuable workforce data using business intelligence tools to make smarter, informed decisions.  Manage, run and design information-rich reports using an intuitive and robust report designing tool.



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