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Acute and Long-term Care

Tools for effective management of acute care and long-term care hospital stays, including day surgery.

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Our various modules allow healthcare facilities to manage the entire hospitalization process, from preadmission to hospitalization, onto discharge planning.

Care providers can view the chronological sequence of care encounters originating from the Emergency Department, outpatient clients, or hospitalization.

Besides providing essential case management information, the patient’s encounter summary provides a visit history as well as an overview of the sequence of activities (emergency department, outpatient clinics and hospitalization). It also helps care providers ensure an adequate continuum of care based on pathology and offer alternatives to hospitalization, as needed.

Care encounters are coded so as to comply with the government’s normative framework but also to meet the statistical needs of physicians, researchers and healthcare facilities. This data contributes to a better understanding of the clientele and enables healthcare facilities to improve their overall performance.

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The Bed Status Board is a tool used to effectively manage discharge planning starting from the moment patients arrive.

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Over 25 years experience in the development of admissions systems


Hospital performance assessment and activity-based costing are based primarily on the clinical portrait of the clientele established by the data coding of medical archive departments.


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