Reduces the wait time and enables patients to register, stay informed, and check in on the day of their appointment.

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Our Patient Solutions have been designed to optimize the patient’s visit, from arrival in the healthcare facility until their appointment with the care provider. This suite of products is aimed at improving the administrative process of welcoming patients and directing them to the waiting area so as to enable the facility’s administrative resources to devote more time to value-added tasks.

Perfectly integrated with our Patient Index and Appointment Scheduling solutions, the Patient Kiosk Management solution logs all the patient’s actions and calculates the wait time between arrival in the hospital and the appointment with a care provider. This data can then be analyzed using our business intelligence solutions.

On the day of the appointment, the patients use one of the patient kiosks in the facility and their health insurance card.
The kiosk reads the bar code on the patient’s card and offers several options such as:

  • Providing information related to the patient’s appointment.
  • Allowing patients to notify their care providers of their arrival.
  • Displaying information to help patients find their way through the healthcare facility.
  • Giving them clear steps on how to prepare for their visit.
  • Allowing patients to request assistance from administrative personnel.
  • Giving the patient a ticket with a number, allowing communication with the patient to remain confidential within the healthcare facility

Key facts and figures

3 minutes

Average time a patient spends with an attendant to register their arrival.


The patient's care pathway can be adapted based on the patient's profile and in line with the healthcare facility's needs.

Patient Kiosks

Improve access to information for patients on the day of their appointment
Our patient check-in kiosk enables patients to register, enter information and stay informed about their visit at the hospital, and considerably decreases their wait time.

Key features

  • Available form templates enable clinicians to enter an electronic referral while they are seeing the patient
  • Comprehensive logging of information throughout patient’s entire visit



“ Provides patients with easy-to-use tools enabling them to interact directly with information that concerns them while optimizing the administrative tasks related to the care pathway. ”

Jonathan Gaudette


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