Logibec Virtual Care Platform

Providing secure digital solutions for healthcare through mobile apps that connect patients with their care team and symptom monitoring for patients at home.


A Comprehensive Solution for Managing Patient Care at Home

This product supports patients in self-managing at home through symptom monitoring, educational tools, secure messaging and video visits. It connects patients with their complete circle of care including health providers, family members and community supports.
Our solution covers a broad range of specialties, including post-surgical care, oncology, acute care, chronic disease management and mental health.

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The vision of Sarah Harvey, co-founder of the solution

«  I feel healthcare should leverage the tools that patients are using in their everyday lives. Today, that means integrating mobile technologies so people can receive care through their smartphones, tablets, and computers when appropriate. Through our mobile apps, we can conduct virtual visits, monitor symptoms, and share relevant educational materials. »

Sarah Harvey, Co-founder of QoC Health




Supporting the Healthcare Network by Monitoring Patients in the Community

Monitoring patients at home presents a number of unique benefits, both for the patients themselves and for the community at large. It allows patients to return home faster while reducing clinic visits and readmissions. It also empowers patients to self-manage, which improves clinical outcomes and enhances their experience.

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In health clinic costs and hospital visits


Patient Satisfaction


of complications

through symptom monitoring

A Proven Solution Supported by Published Peer Reviews 

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