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Logibec Scheduling & Analytics

Ensuring healthcare workers an accurate, up-to-date, and real-time schedule accessible from anywhere


Optimize Schedules by Taking Into Account Rules and Individual Requests

Logibec Scheduling & Analytics (S&A) is the solution to automatically generate optimal schedules while respecting rules, conventions, and individual requests.

Logibec Scheduling & Analytics (S&A) is cloud-based, which simplifies the post-publication management of schedules and allows staff managers and caregivers to access relevant analytical data, thus improving the efficiency of future publications.

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Recorded Webinar: How LTC Can Staff Effectively While Mitigating Resource Costs

In this climate of increasing resident care needs, long-term care homes and staff are facing situations that lead to unreasonable work hours, overtime, and high turnover rates. Learn about how innovative technologies can help your organization gain intel on your daily staffing levels to get a quick insight into areas that require immediate attention.

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Free White Paper: Enhancing Nurse Scheduling Efficiency

Learn how a fully integrated scheduling and analytics system removes manual processes, eliminates schedule modification errors and helps improve staff's overall work-life balance.

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for Healthcare

A solution built specifically for staff scheduling in healthcare.



Designed in Canada for Canadian healthcare organizations.



A complete solution for the end-to-end life-cycle of staff scheduling.

A Better Experience for Employees
Logibec Scheduling & Analytics (S&A) strengthens team cohesion. Employees are fully engaged because they update their own availability, submit their absence requests and shift swaps to their managers. Workflow automation, along with increased visibility of shifts and exchanges, helps employees take better control of their schedules, increasing their satisfaction and improving the quality of their interactions with patients.


Autonomous Employees, Managers in Control and Reduced Operational Costs

In accordance with the rules and collective agreements governing working hours, Logibec Scheduling & Analytics (S&A) allows you to computerize the recording of working hours and automatically updates time sheets, ensuring a compliant payroll system.
This allows managers to easily track their scheduling, administrative, nursing and support staff rotations according to budgeted hours, and access in-depth reports on scheduling trends for their workforce.

To Efficiently Address Change... And Meet Expectations
Patients receive the best treatment with the appropriate hospital staff through centralized information.
Thanks to a powerful algorithm and predefined replacement rules that respond quickly and efficiently to unforeseen personnel changes, Logibec Scheduling & Analytics (S&A) ensures the availability of a minimum number of employees, and suggests replacements based on the skills required and the order agreed upon by the work teams.


Better Time Management to Optimize Productivity
By automating the management of replacements such as unscheduled absences and sick leave, Logibec Scheduling & Analytics (S&A) helps to significantly reduce administrative paperwork and manage statutory hours, thus optimizing productivity and reducing the cost of overtime and non-equity hours.
In this respect, the benefits are major for managers, for nursing staff, and on the quality of time spent with patients.
Customizable Dashboard

A consolidated view of work schedule management from a single interface, and customized notifications to keep employees informed of any changes at any time.

Rotations Planning

Assistance in planning schedules and managing staff rotations while respecting rules and collective agreements, employee-specific contracts, budgets, etc., in order to create balanced schedules.

Skills Follow-Up

Automatic recognition of employees to be prioritized on the schedule based on their skills and abilities, as well as other rules regarding hours of work to be met, allows for balance and promotion of excellent patient care.

Automated Management of Replacement Requests

Automated scheduling and streamlined management of replacement requests allow employees to more quickly and efficiently express their interest in an available shift.

Self-Service Mobile Access

Absence requests, availability submissions and shift exchanges are made through the mobile application.
The virtual bulletin board displays available shifts to all employees concerned.

Planning According to Rules and Constraints
Our powerful algorithm respects the complexity that characterizes the schedules of different job categories, union rules, contractual agreements, leaves, personal constraints, equity concerns, etc.
This helps avoid unnecessary overtime.


Autonomous Management of Hours Worked and Exemptions

Digital entry of work hours by employees gives them a great deal of autonomy. Overrides and exceptions can be configured according to a minimum delay before they are authorized and any action is taken.

Rules for Automated Replacement Management

Creating an automated process for replacement management based on rules specific to each work team will determine which members are to be prioritized in showing their interest in available shifts.

Notification of Available Shifts

Notifications via text messages (SMS) or automated phone calls notify relevant employees of available shifts.

Shift Swap

It is possible for employees to trade shifts through the self-service mobile app. All rules governing this practice then remain in effect.

Leave Management (optional)

Leave requests are submitted to managers from the application. They are processed automatically or semi-automatically by managers within Logibec Scheduling & Analytics (S&A).

Analytical Reports

Extract statistical data on labour and workforce trends to make informed and timely decisions.

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Automate your hospital schedule management

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Assign the right healthcare staff to the right patients

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Continuum Health

Optimize the patient journey at every stage of the care trajectory with in-depth analytical reports and real-time visual representations of objective achievement through performance indicators presented in a single, user-friendly interface.




Performance & Analytics

Have access to predictive scenarios and strategic recommendations based on your healthcare facility’s Big Data to support your daily decisions and drive the achievement of your operational objectives related to patient services quality and efficiency.




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