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Logibec MedSIS 3C

Optimizing the management of students in Medical School


Getting access to all required student information

Logibec MedSIS 3C is an all-encompassing health sciences information system, servicing programs for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. The purpose of the system is to provide administrative staff the appropriate access to all student information required, according to the user’s job functions. In addition to amassing all of this information in one place, Logibec MedSIS 3C provides the capability of universal access to authorized staff by providing system access over the Internet.

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Webinar: Our Journey Towards the Implementation of CBME

The traditional framework of medical education with a time-based emphasis is being replaced by the Competency Based Medical Education framework of education which focuses on process and, more importantly, on outcomes. But, like any change of framework or paradigm, it comes with many challenges. This presentation will highlight the challenges encountered and the approach McMaster University took in order to implement CBME.

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+ 900

different evaluation templates to choose from.


evaluations were generated in 2019 for one of our clients.

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questions are answered every year.

Complete and customizable
Manage all undergraduate and postgraduate needs in one system. Choose from over 31 modules tailored for Health Sciences Educational institutions, including colleges, universities and hospitals. 


High competence
MedSIS 3C is designed in collaboration with faculty and administrators from medical schools with the goal of streamlining the management and administration of health sciences education.


Universal access from anywhere

MedSIS 3C provides administrative staff appropriate access to all student information required, according to the user’s job functions. In addition to amassing all of this information in one place, MedSIS 3C provides the capability of universal access to authorized staff by providing system access over the Internet.

Designed for everyone

Deans, associate deans, post-grad program directors, administrators, admission officers, administrator staff, preceptors, course coordinators, program coordinators, and students.

To better serve your users, MedSIS 3C is available in multiple languages. Our solution is currently available in English, French and Spanish.
Admissions Management

The Admissions Management module in Logibec MedSIS 3C helps administrators manage the applicants’ information. The applicants are then ranked by score with an automated process based on weighted algorithms. Once their applications have been scored and reviewed by faculty online, applicants receive a letter with the outcome. Interviews can then be scheduled and subsequent MMI scores are imported into the system, leading to a final decision communicated via different options – email, letter, PDF.

Curriculum Management

This module in Logibec MedSIS 3C allows administrators to manage all the data related to applicants and learners:

  • Maintain curriculum information
  • Import marks and other pertinent data

  • Export data functions

  • Manage system parameters

  • View online class lists and marks

  • Track learners with academic difficulties 

  • Maintain immunization and student registration records 

Course Management and Evaluations

This module allows administrators to configure their course definitions online. Cohorts of unique learners and learning formats can be created to manage schedules for Pre-Clerkship and Clerkship learners. Administrators can assign those learning formats to learners and teachers and trigger Course, Teacher, Learner, and other evaluations for which they can configure notifications, such as learner issues.  They can generate on-demand class lists, evaluation reports, and teaching and placement effectiveness scores. 

Grade Management
Logibec MedSIS 3C allows course administrators to import or calculate grades based on evaluation completion. Those grades follow an approval process, from submission to final publication, to which concerned users gain access. Once grades are fixed, final standings are calculated based on the information provided in the Curriculum Management module. Academic difficulties can also be monitored through the process.   
Case Logs
The Case Logs module allows learners to document and submit online procedure logs relevant to their learning experiences. Through this log, administrators can evaluate the learner’s clinical experience and competency level to perform a procedure. Roles, procedures, and responsibilities can be defined. Mandatory logs are set and indicated to the learner. Teachers and instructors specified by the learner can access the module to approve logs and review their history, in addition to notes added by the learner. 
Curriculum Mapping

The Curriculum Mapping module was designed for administrators. It allows them to link curriculum events to various taxonomy elements, including keywords and objectives. They can extract and generate a Curriculum Inventory Report – critical for accreditation purposes.

Electives Management
The Elective Registration module allows administrators to define a catalogue of electives that are available to learners. Based on the learner’s course dates, they can register and request from the available electives catalogue. Placement contact mapping can be defined by Location and Specialty/Subspecialty and notifications are sent to all parties tied to the specific elective. 
  • Electives are either approved or denied by a specified coordinator using a secure email link or through their elective Dashboard. 
  • The learner then confirms the elective selection upon approval. 
  • The learner’s schedule is subsequently populated with the confirmed elective(s) are easily viewed on their course calendar. 
User Roles and Security

Logibec MedSIS 3C has the highest degree of security control structure that allows for complete flexibility in the set of functions available to each user. It includes: 

  • Group and user level authentication and authorization
  • Transmission level with 2048-bit SSL encryption
  • Application level with 3-tier security architecture
  • Data level security filters with precise user rights.

Defined specific roles for groups of users gives them access to a specific set of functions as defined by the administrator. Roles can be updated or removed at any time, making the system easily tailored for any type of user entering the system.

Capacity Planning

Logibec MedSIS 3C enables the data collection of all parties involved to feed its algorithm-based scheduling tool. The Capacity Planning module produces an optimal schedule based on:

  • Hospital capacities
  • Learner preferences
  • Hospital & program curriculum requirements
Competency Based Education 

The Competency Based Education (CBME) module was designed to ensure compliance and learner excellence. The module allows administrators to define the program goals and allow monitoring of the learner’s objectives through evaluations and assessments. 

  • The CBME module allows administrators to create standardized or personalized Learner Plans. 
  • Learner’s Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA’s) are defined and tracked under the Stages tab and each EPA has its assigned Milestones, Contextual Variables and Assessment Requirements to complete. 
  • Individual requirements can be added at any time to allow for a complete learner-focused and tailored approach. 

  • The CMBE mobile interface allows for easy assessment and evaluation processes.

"The platform enabled our medical school to deliver on many accreditation items, and achieve an outstanding and successful accreditation, receiving an unprecedented accreditation with compliance in all 132 standards."
- Associate Dean for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program, University of Alberta

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