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Logibec HCM VIP

Optimizing human capital management with a robust solution; from external job postings to retirement management


Simplifying the daily management of human capital through automation

Developed to ensure that users are equipped with a functionally-rich and top-of-the-line solution, Logibec HCM VIP provides a robust process and workflow management engine that includes payroll, core HR and recruitment, talent management, health & safety, business intelligence and analytics tools, configurable business rules and so much more.

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Supporting human capital management through 5 feature-rich portals

With its integrated BI tool, Logibec HCM VIP supports management teams and assists them in their decision making. It is an advanced human capital management solution that includes two feature-rich portals: one for employees and the other for managers for optimized user-functionality.

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*The version commercialised in the province of Quebec has five feature-rich portals: Employee, Manager, Union, Data Center for the Réseau de santé et services sociaux - RSSS (Health and social services network), and Onboarding.

Full suite

a fully integrated solution that meets your healthcare organization needs.


HCM solution providing web-enabled, on-demand access to employee and organizational information.


and Manager Portals

enabling transparency and collaboration between employees and management on a daily basis.

Facilitate communication between employees, managers and specialists

Notifications in the home page of the Manager portal ensure that follow-up notifications on progress and approvals are immediate.  Managers can also delegate approvals to others, as well as forward initiate work activities to HR specialists, such as job requisitions and position change requests.

Increase employee satisfaction with self-service access

Web-enabled and on-demand accessibility enables employees to manage and review their own personal and employment information as needed.  Graphical and intuitive dashboard displays provide relevant information quickly and easily.

A single solution to manage the full employee lifecycle: from hire to retire

Managers are provided with a functionally-rich and top-of-the-line solution, providing not only payroll and core HR, but also recruitment and onboarding, succession planning, learning/training, health and wellness, benefit management as well as analytics and performance tools. A complete all-in-one solution means no more dual data-entry, disparate systems or conflicting employee data. Users can reap the benefits from real-time, on-demand, web-enabled access to their workforce information.

Nurture career paths, drive employee engagement, and increase the retention rate
With Logibec HCM VIP, managers can create personalized learning paths, goals, and programs to drive engagement. They can also identify retention risk trends and pinpoint contributing factors to retain top performers.
Optimize workforce plans and adapt quickly to change

With complete visibility into a diverse workforce, Logibec HCM VIP helps managers and executives to evaluate performance and improve organizational productivity by identifying risks, discovering opportunities for growth, monitoring trends, and drilling into contributing factors.

Empower managers and employees with enabling tools

Accessibility to Logibec HCM VIP’s rich features are determined by role-based security and user type. Employees can manage their own personal and professional information, while managers can handle department-related tasks, each in their own dedicated web portals. HR Specialists can focus on their own roles with access to the relevant information they need.

Configurable Business Rules

Logibec HCM VIP can be tailored to a variety of institution types and sizes using a wide range of flexible business rules that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Employee Portal
Employees can access the portal at any time to check their schedule and their timesheets, view their pay stubs, access job postings and applications, get lists of available courses and register for training that they are entitled to. They can also review/update their information including beneficiaries and bank accounts, complete performance reviews, view benefit coverage, total compensation, required trainings, requested courses and links to online standard training, and much more.
Manager Portal

Managers can view HR information for their direct reports, approve timesheets, complete performance reviews and job requisitions, run reports, view event notifications for the employees they manage and much more.

Talent Management
HCM VIP’s Talent Management feature allows internal and external postings to be published simultaneously, in a single step, saving considerable time. Application analysis tools and a candidate search facilitate the recruitment process. This allows specialists to focus on interviews, employee assistance, succession planning and turnover-related risk mitigation.
HR, benefits, compensation, and time transactions go straight to payroll allowing managers to access real-time global labour costs and trends. Quickly adapt to new regulatory changes, HR policies, and organizational shifts.
Learning Management
Manage all aspects of learning for internal and external workers, from informal learning to compliance training. Compare learning and development investments with performance and promotion rates to see what’s working.
Recruitment & Onboarding
The Recruitment and applicant tracking features take into consideration both external and internal candidates using robust search capabilities to help your organization find the best suitable person for the open role. Candidates have access to the progression of their applications and communications can eventually result in an offer.  Once the hiring process is completed, the external or internal profile is transferred automatically, creating a new employee record or updating a current one and initiating the onboarding process for that position.
Business Intelligence Tools
With Logibec HCM VIP's analytics embedded within processes, empower your people in the moments that matter. The built-in analytics enable managers to drill into results, analyze reports, and run audits at any time. With more than a hundred different templates, visualize reports in real time to support key decisions.
Health & Safety

Manage all your employee health and safety administration including incident tracking and reporting, provincial reporting and corrective action monitoring directly in the employee’s profile.  Share visibility into incident information tracking with employees and managers so they can stay on top of incidents and view information seamlessly and accurately through a single location.

Wellness Management
With Logibec HCM VIPs Wellness Management module you can keep track and stay informed of employee disabilities, return-to-work programs and workplace accommodation requirements, including document and medical records management and individual accommodation plans.

Improve team efficiency with Logibec


Automate your hospital schedule management

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Assign the right healthcare staff to the right patients

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Continuum Health

Optimize the patient journey at every stage of the care trajectory with in-depth analytical reports and real-time visual representations of objective achievement through performance indicators presented in a single, user-friendly interface.




Performance & Analytics

Have access to predictive scenarios and strategic recommendations based on your healthcare facility’s Big Data to support your daily decisions and drive the achievement of your operational objectives related to patient services quality and efficiency.




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