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Logibec eClinibase

Optimizing clinical and administrative management and providing end-to-end support for ambulatory care pathways


Managing essential information related to in-hospital and ambulatory services

Logibec eClinibase is an integrated solution combining a series of modules supported by a powerful electronic document manager. It includes the following modules: Referrals, Wait List Management, Appointments, Workload Management, eVisits and Patient Solutions.


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Supporting all clinical and administrative management activities of healthcare facilities

Together, they facilitate the planning, organisation and supervision of ambulatory activities performed by doctors and other professionals within your institution. Logibec eClinibase focuses on optimizing the following factors: Integration and centralization within large—multi-site institutions—, Administrative processes, and Patient interactions.

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Number of ready-to-use forms available on our collaborative platform


Performance improvement observed at the CHUM’s Endoscopy department within less than five months using the eVisit module integrated into eClinibase.

A 360°

of the patients trajectories

Access a thorough overview of patients and services

Logibec eClinibase meets the needs of multi-site and multi-vocation institutions. The solution is designed to support clinical and administrative activities, systematic user tracking and virtual system integration. User information is centralized in a single point of access and the information assets of each facility are preserved.


Reduce delays and improve service quality

eClinibase provides an overview of each user's condition throughout his or her ambulatory care pathway. The solution optimizes the referral processing cycle and aims to decrease the significant number of hours spent on the administrative management of paper referrals. The result is cost optimization as well as a much-improved user experience for administrative agents.


Enhance the user-patient experience
The Patient Solutions module integrated into eClinibase simplifies the user's intake by providing information on their appointment, the steps involved in preparing for their visit and where to go once on site. The patient is therefore supported throughout the entire process, for an enhanced experience.


Align with provincial standards and projects

The eClinibase suite and its modules are designed to meet the needs of institutions and their partners. They are aligned with provincial standards and make it easy to access the necessary data and produce the reports required by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS). They are integrated with provincial assets such as the EMPI and the CRDS (SAFIR).

Optimize performance

eClinibase provides abundant data that can be processed by the analytical BI portion of the solution in order to produce reports and statistics. This data is then used to optimize care pathways, including to reduce wait lists.

Patient Index  (Basic Module)

This module enables multi-site and multi-facility management of personal user data and stays, from hospitalizations and emergency room stays to clinic visits. It can act as a Master Patient Index pending the implementation of the EMPI, or be attached to it once it is operational. In addition, it handles data provisioning for several systems that require information on users and their stays (such as pharmacy and radiology) quickly and efficiently.


Referral, consultation and examination requests can be filled out on-screen, scanned, automatically integrated into the SAFIR provincial service and then managed centrally.   

eClinibase supports the implementation of personalized business rules, ensures that requests are compliant and allows workflow customization. This module also provides tools to effectively manage wait lists and improve wait times for user services. 



Our complete Appointments module was enhanced by our collaboration with clients in healthcare facilities. The module offers appointment management for subspecialties, CRDS and institutional clinics while adapting to each clinic’s specific processes.  

Users can access optional features like quotas, overbooking and multiple appointments. The module is directly linked to referrals and wait lists. In addition, new tools are available to automate appointment confirmations and reduce the number of no-shows.  


Professional Activity Management 

The Professional Activity Management module is designed to meet the needs of all professional fields, including rehabilitation, respiratory therapy, social services, psychology and day medicine. It contains tools that allow workers to track their caseloads, schedules and appointments, as well as to compile the activities performed by completing the required clinical documentation. 

Patient Solutions
This module optimizes patient visits. It simplifies the administrative processes related to patient intake and automatically directs them to the right place, freeing up administrative resources to focus on higher-value tasks. This fully configurable module is integrated into patient kiosks and linked to the screens used to call patients in waiting areas.



Using the eVisits module, unit managers and other professionals can configure wait lists to match the desired workflows in order to optimize intake and patient care.    

Its features allow professionals to call patients and keep the necessary information and tools on hand during appointments.


Centralized Electronic Document Management

Flexible tools adapted to caregiver needs provide faster access to electronic patient records. With smart forms, it is now easier than ever to copy, create and organize form templates. 

The centralized Electronic Document Management module is fully integrated into the eClinibase offering and allows forms to be completed throughout the care process. Caregivers remain in complete control of the design and evolution of forms. Smart features such as validations, automation or workflows can also be included in the forms.   

A collaboration platform enables Logibec clients to exchange forms they have designed. A report generator is also available to query the data gathered by the forms, increasing the potential for data analysis.


Every module in eClinibase is linked to Logibec’s Business Intelligence solution via the Web BI portal. Standardized activity entry facilitates the extraction of statistics, including those required by the MSSS.

Improve team efficiency with Logibec


Relieve emergency department overcrowding

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Reduce unplanned
patient readmissions

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Continuum Health

Optimize the patient journey at every stage of the care trajectory with in-depth analytical reports and real-time visual representations of objective achievement through performance indicators presented in a single, user-friendly interface.




Performance & Analytics

Have access to predictive scenarios and strategic recommendations based on your healthcare facility’s Big Data to support your daily decisions and drive the achievement of your operational objectives related to patient services quality and efficiency.




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