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Logibec Budget Web

Simplify the Budgetary Management of Healthcare Facilities


An Improved and Scalable Interface

User-friendly and intuitive, Logibec Budget Web’s simplified interface offers an optimal user experience by allowing your teams to focus, from their first use, on projecting multiple budget scenarios, from any device (computer, tablet, cellphone, etc.).

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Optimized Budget Processes

Flexible and easily configurable, the Logibec Budget Web solution is a must for you and your administrative teams in the preparation and follow-up of your budgets’ evolution in real-time.

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A State-of-the-Art, Safe and Secure Platform

Developed with the latest technology and React security best practices, Logibec Budget Web offers healthcare facilities a secure access configuration according to several customizable criteria..

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5 Reasons to Adopt Logibec Budget Web


A Simplified and Customizable Interface to Facilitate the Preparation and Follow-Up of Complex Budgets

  • Centralization of the various budget preparations and follow-ups from a single interface
  • Ability to decentralize budget preparation to managers through the creation of specific scenarios

An Intuitive and Easy to Use Platform for Successful Knowledge Transfer Within Teams

  • Simplification and improvement of the process and budget monitoring in order to optimize the work of various teams
  • Simplified use for a better understanding between different teams
  • Promotes collaboration between business units for better communication

A Flexible and Configurable Solution that Adapts to All the Various Budget Management Processes

  • Use is adapted to the internal workings of the facility
  • User-defined working parameters
  • Unlimited possibilities of budget scenarios according to a wide variety of preparation criteria (budget per employee, per position, per department, etc.)
  • Multiple budget scenarios per manager or administrative unit
  • Notion of attendance requirements that can be used in a hybrid way with roles and employee budgeting
  • Possibility to work according to the financial structure within a scenari

A Secure Platform with Limited Access that Meets the Various Desired Authorization Criteria

  • Promotes the adoption of best practices in terms of the budget process
  • Authorization of budgets by a higher hierarchical level
  • Ability to apply restrictions on financial data and scenarios
  • Action logging to track changes
  • Security profiles for access to information and specific treatments for each user

A Complete Budget Management Solution for Optimal Daily, Predictive or Decisional Use

  • Significantly reduces the time spent on the budget process and improves the quality of budget data
  • Covers salaries, income, and other expenses
  • Real-time link to General Ledger data
  • Projection module supporting several calculation formulas
  • Overview of trends in financial performance according to the overall budget submitted
  • Complete management reports including the follow-up of budget evolution
  • Analysis reports (BI) available* module sold separately

Choosing Logibec Means Choosing to Collaborate with a Company You Can Trust

93 %

of Quebec’s Healthcare Facilities Use Logibec’s Financial Management Solutions

$23,2 B

per Year Processed by Healthcare Facilities with Logibec’s Financial Management Solutions

40 Years

of Know-How in Healthcare Technologies to Support Facilities in Their Administrative Activities

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