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Logibec CBE

Learning management for hospitals


Manage competencies in an optimum way in hospitals

The Competency-Based Education (CBE) module was designed for healthcare professionals to develop the competencies required to meet the challenges of new positions, new specialties, evolving standards, or emerging situations.

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Ensure excellence in continuing education

The platform enables hospitals to manage, track and evaluate their employees’ competency in real time. It provides an overall view of the training profile of a resource, thereby facilitating assignments within a facility.

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The software solution can suit virtually any application


observations are collected daily, in real time


The mobile interface can be used anywhere, at anytime

  • Easily import and define learning paths
  • Quickly manage learner’s individual learning objectives in a few simple steps
  • Effortlessly update and adjust master templates or add customizable evaluation templates
  • Simply modify an evaluation template and propagate the change when a new evaluation is generated 
Powerful and intuitive
  • Quick onboarding – You will be up and running in no time without major configuration headaches
  • Automatically calculate learner progress – The system outlines the EPAs and stages where requirements are met and automatically marks them as “ready for review”
  • Conveniently request and complete evaluations using the mobile interface 
  • Designed to collect, summarize, and deliver the most useful information
  • Produces clear, concise, and accessible data
  • Reporting function instantaneously provides you with what you need to know: Learner Summary Report, Stage Reports, EPA Summary Reports, EPA Milestone Reports, Evaluations Data Extract, and many other real-time reports.
Evaluation Editor

The platform supports early detection of skills gaps, enables frequent feedback, and provides more opportunities to increase engagement of learners, educators, mentors, and supervisors.

Program Learning Path

CBE allows users to effortlessly update their individual objectives and programs, track progress and evaluate outcomes at every stage of the learning journey. The cloud-based platform collects, summarizes, and delivers the most pertinent and relevant information in the right format at the right time.

EPA Definition/ Requirements

The Stages tab provides the tracking of defined Learner’s Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs). Specific milestones, contextual variables and assessment requirements to complete are determined for each EPA.

Competency Committees

The MedSIS 3C Learner Curriculum dashboard offers the Competency Committee members access to a powerful tool which aggregates a broad picture of trainees’ progress in real time.

Individual Learning Path

To ensure a more personalized approach, individual needs or specifications can be added at any moment.


The cloud-based platform collects, summarizes, and delivers the most pertinent and relevant information in the format you need, when you need it.

Mobile Interface

The user-friendly mobile platform is infinitely flexible: it automatically tracks competency development and is designed with built-in reporting functions that provide clear, accessible data.


Evaluation Workflow

Four evaluation templates are available to both trainees and supervisors to connect and exchange in real time. Those templates can easily and quickly be updated with changes such as new evaluations. 

Progress Reports

These dynamic dashboards offer a complete view of trainees’ progress, allowing them to assess their competencies with simple selections and high-quality built-in reports. 

Improve team efficiency with Logibec


Optimize your hospital financial management

Logibec FMS  >

Continuum Health

Optimize the patient journey at every stage of the care trajectory with in-depth analytical reports and real-time visual representations of objective achievement through performance indicators presented in a single, user-friendly interface.




Performance & Analytics

Have access to predictive scenarios and strategic recommendations based on your healthcare facility's Big Data to support your daily decisions and drive the achievement of your operational objectives related to patient services quality and efficiency.




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Explore the different possibilities offered by Logibec with its range of technological solutions and discover a team of consultants dedicated to helping you optimize your hospital processes.

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