Quadrant and Espresso: A software suite designed to support our clients in their administrative tasks and the planning of their activities.

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The various modules of Logibec’s administrative solutions known under the name Quadrant and Espresso, meet even the strictest requirements for accessing and sharing information. Aimed at reducing non-value-added tasks, this suite of administrative solutions successfully supports the business processes of healthcare facilities.

This is done by offering solutions that quickly process information and integrate into the clients’ existing environment through interfaces. Clients can expect significant savings in space and costs through the digitization and electronic processing of numerous processes.

Key facts and figures


Our Automated Invoice Processing solution helps healthcare facilities reduce the use of paper to a minimum.


Our Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution for human resources enables facilities to reduce the form processing time by more than half while also eliminating the main irritants from the process.


Number of employees in the Canadian health network whose payroll is processed by our solution.

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Subject Matter Expert, Professional Services


“ EDM-HR customizes workflow based on the healthcare facility’s needs. The right person receives the right form at the right time. ”

Frédéric Dreyer

“ Manual data entry greatly increases the time required to process invoices in healthcare facilities. Manual approval and the circulation of invoices within the facility increase the risk of them being lost or forgotten somewhere. This reality can be changed using our Automated Invoice Processing solution. ”

Patrick Charpentier

“ Do you need quick access to the details on one or more projects? Rest assured! With our Project Management solution, you can obtain all the details you need in real-time with just a few clicks of the mouse. ”

Patrick Charpentier

“ The new Schedule Management module is intuitive and in line with user work processes. An integrated dashboard facilitates decision making and greatly simplifies schedule management. ”

Sandra Choquette

“ The possibility of logging in to the employee Web portal from outside the facility’s network makes managing time sheets much easier for users. ”

Frédéric Dreyer

“ The Synchronization and Integration Service allows different healthcare facilities to share a unified database, thereby facilitating standardization, validation of statistics, and negotiation. ”

Vicky Benoit


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