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Patient Care Management

Optimize the continuum of care in healthcare centers


Optimize clinical and administrative activities

Logibec eClinibase >
Logibec Reorientation

Relieve emergency
department overcrowding

Logibec ER Redirection >
Logibec Readmission-IA

Reduce unplanned
patient readmissions

Logibec AI Readmission >

Human Capital Management

Increase team efficiency and employee satisfaction


Position employees at the center of your concerns

Logibec HCM VIP >

Automate your hospital schedule management

Logibec S&A >

Assign the right caregivers to the right patients

Logibec Strom >

Financial and Material Resources Management

Successfully supporting the administrative structure of healthcare institutions


Optimize your hospital financial management

Logibec FMS >

The right supply at the right place, at the right time

Logibec MMS >

Performance & Analytics

Setting the trend and staying ahead of the curve


Reduce unplanned patient readmissions

Logibec AI Readmission >

Accelerate clinical research by mastering data

Logibec NOAH >
Logibec Intellium

Get advanced analytical data in real time

Intellium >

Access to a scalable and secure data warehouse

ContinuumCore >

Health Sciences Education

Optimize Management and Administration of Health Sciences Educational Activities


An optimized management of medical students

Logibec MedSIS3C >

Manage competencies in an optimum way

Logibec CBE >

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