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See for yourself how Logibec’s automated Material Management System (MMS) supports administrative and medical teams daily, at every step of the purchasing and logistics process.


The right product available in the right place at the right time


Automation of the Procurement and Logistics Operations

  • Automates the management of purchasing, replenishment and inventory as well as the creation of tenders, contracts and orders.
  • Scans payable invoices using a character recognition system.

Time Saving and Workflow Optimization

  • Computerizes capital asset ordering process, project management, and amortization.
  • Grants access to budget status, expenses, open orders, inventory issues, etc.
  • Reduces human interventions associated with repetitive tasks by at least 90%.

Extraction of Analytical Data

  • Generates management reports and cross-references data with Logibec FMS.

Interoperability with Existing Systems

  • Synchronizes with providers and buying groups.
  • Integrates with specialized systems, Logibec FMS, EDI order transmissions, and with the ordered product management and the consignment inventory.