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Patient Care Management

Logibec eClinibase
Facilitates access to information on service requests and appointments

Logibec EDM
Generates intelligent forms and centralize clinical documentation

Logibec Emergency Redirection
Assists triage staff in identifying and redirecting non-emergency cases

    Human Capital Management

    Logibec Scheduling
    Provides caregivers with schedules that suit their needs

    Logibec Strom
    Optimizes patient flow and clinical workload distribution

    Logibec MedSIS 3C
    Provides a platform for competency-based training

      Financial and Material Resources Management

      Logibec FMS
      Automates financial workflows and optimizes financial strategies

      Logibec MMS
      Strengthens control over the healthcare supply chain

        Performance & Analytics

        Logibec ContinuumCore
        Centralizes healthcare information in a scalable data warehouse

        Logibec Operational Insights
        Leads to optimal management of surgeries and inpatient beds

          A SaaS health sciences student information solution with robust competency-based education and analytics features to optimize learning and decision-making across the complete student journey.


          evaluations were generated in 2019 for one of our clients


          evaluations were generated in 2019 for one of our clients


          million questions are answered every year



          Access to all required  information on students 

          Logibec MedSIS 3C is a universal health sciences information system that serves undergraduate and postgraduate medical education programs. It allows administrative staff to access the required student information, depending on the user's functions. In addition to centralizing this data, Logibec MedSIS 3C makes it possible to assign universal access to authorized personnel from a web connection.

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          Webinar: Competency-Based Medical Education

          The traditional framework of medical education, which is based on the concept of time, is replaced by the competency-based medical education framework, which emphasizes process and outcomes. This webinar will highlight the challenges faced and the approach taken by McMaster University to implement this new teaching framework.

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          The platform enabled our medical school to deliver on many accreditation items, and achieve an outstanding and successful accreditation, receiving an unprecedented accreditation with compliance in all 132 standards.

          Associate Dean

          Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program, University of Alberta

          They trust Logibec MedSIS 3C

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          Logibec Operational Insights

          Enable clinical and operational leaders to highlight key information that can be leveraged to improve access to care, with a significant focus on surgery.

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