Patient Care Management

Logibec eClinibase
Facilitates access to information on service requests and appointments

Logibec EDM
Generates intelligent forms and centralize clinical documentation

Logibec Radimage
Simplifies medical imaging procedures and data extraction

Logibec Emergency Redirection
Assists triage staff in identifying and redirecting non-emergency cases

    Human Capital Management

    Logibec Scheduling
    Provides caregivers with schedules that suit their needs

    Logibec Strom
    Optimizes patient flow and clinical workload distribution

    Logibec MedSIS 3C
    Provides a platform for competency-based training

      Financial and Material Resources Management

      Logibec FMS
      Automates financial workflows and optimizes financial strategies

      Logibec MMS
      Strengthens control over the healthcare supply chain

        Performance & Analytics

        Logibec ContinuumCore
        Centralizes healthcare information in a scalable data warehouse

        Logibec Operational Insights
        Leads to optimal management of surgeries and inpatient beds

          An automated financial systems management solution to empower the healthcare administration workforce. Streamline and automate healthcare financial workflows to power up financial strategies and incentives that optimize outcomes for patients and providers.


          Percentage of healthcare institutions in Québec that trust Logibec FMS*


          Average ratio of receipts processed electronically, without human intervention


          billions ($) processed by healthcare institutions using Logibec FMS

          *Average rate of health establishments using Logibec FMS and the Espresso suite.

          Reliable and accurate reporting

          Logibec FMS generates detailed and highly customizable financial and budget forecasts designed specifically for healthcare facilities. The reports rely on up-to-date data, supporting sound strategic decision-making.

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          Automation of financial workflows

          Logibec FMS offers a range of modules that can automate various workflows to save staff time and simplify financial governance, including general ledger entries, electronic payment processing and character recognition scanning.

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          Ongoing investment in R & D

          Logibec firmly believes that upgrading the technological systems that manage financial and material resources is the key to improving the patient experience and healthcare system performance. That’s why we’ve invested significant funds in improving the Logibec FMS and Logibec MMS solutions, giving you access to even better tools.

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          Discover the Logibec FMS Modules 

          Logibec FMS is a suite of complementary financial modules that consolidate the financial and administrative information needed to effectively manage health facility budgets. Facilities can use these modules as needed to optimize the various steps of their financial workflows.

          In general, accounting staff is satisfied with the various aspects of the Logibec Espresso FMS suite. Those who use it most say that they have access to more information than with our previous solution.

          Zilda Heusinkveld d’Avamere


          FAQ — Logibec FMS and Logibec MMS Techology Upgrade


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