User-friendly big data solution for Clinical Researchers


Logibec NOAH

Quickly identifying patient cohorts for faster research

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Instantly identify patient cohorts with secure autonomous access to standardized data

Exponential increase in capacity for modeling and identifying patient cohorts.


50% of the administrative tasks performed by researchers are automated by Logibec NOAH.


Patients can be recruited for clinical trials 10X faster.


Share & access anonymized patient data securely and contribute to the optimization of patient care.



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Accelerate research pipeline and augment research output, without compromising the integrity of the research, data, or patient privacy

Alex Iancu | Vice President, Business Intelligence and Big Data, Logibec | Testimonial
Logibec chose to focus on financially viable AI projects to ensure the creation of a virtuous circle between the private sector, academia, and healthcare centers.
Alex Iancu

Vice President, Business Intelligence and Big Data