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Innovating together to better care for patients

For nearly 40 years Logibec has been innovating and developing targeted software solutions in close collaboration with healthcare facilities, empowering their stakeholders to meet their daily challenges and focus on what matters most: their patients.

About Logibec

Care providers are the driving force behind our design process, patients are the heart of it...

Logibec believes that providing robust technology that supports care providers in a variety of ways, from simplifying administrative tasks to optimizing patient care pathways, genuinely enables them to direct more energy and effort toward patient care.

Patient Care  Management

Performance and Efficiency to increase employee Satisfaction

Logibec joins managers and teams in their quest for excellence. We are on a mission to provide powerful, feature-rich tools that can lead to real improvements in patient care by facilitating team management.

Human Capital  Management

Efficiency in the field using time-tested tools

Maximize investments in procurement and reach your cost-related objectives with Logibec solutions tailored to facilitate operations management in healthcare facilities.

Financial  & Supply Chain  Management

Collaborative Artificial Intelligence that works for you

Create predictive scenarios, analyze your own Big Data, access strategic information to support your decisions and control the data you share within your facility and beyond. Logibec has the tools you need to focus on continuous improvement without the traditional trial and error scenarios and their financial implications.

Intelligence  & Analytics

Versatility that transforms your facility… and healthcare

New solution deployments, mergers, data transfers and process improvements for hospitals: Logibec’s highly experienced cross-functional teams have helped facilities like yours make it all happen because we care about the success of your digital transformation.

Consulting  Services

Trusted Partners

In order to continue building cutting-edge, secure technology solutions that meet the very specific needs of multiple types of stakeholders in the healthcare industry, Logibec has selected prestigious partners whose products and services contribute to creating the success expected by our clients.

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Need a Customized Solution?

Explore the different possibilities offered by Logibec with its range of technological solutions and discover a team of consultants dedicated to helping you optimize your hospital processes.

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