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See for yourself how Logibec HCM VIP can help optimize all the administrative functions surrounding personnel management and so you can focus on your employees.


Logibec HCM VIP for Employees

  • Increases employee satisfaction and autonomy with its self-service portal.
  • Improves the fluidity of communications between employees, managers and HR specialists.

Logibec HCM VIP for Managers

  • Simplifies the administrative functions surrounding employee management (payroll, performance evaluations, training planning, etc.).
  • Generates analytical reports to measure the effectiveness of work processes for more productive and engaged teams.

Logibec HCM VIP for HR Specialists

  • Automates the recruitment process from pre-screening to job posting, interviews, pre-employment screening and employee record creation.
  • Improves the process surrounding the analysis of work incidents and accidents, the evolution of ongoing corrective measures and those to be applied based on past experience.