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See how Logibec eClinibase improves clinical and administrative management and centralizes the information essential to the proper functioning of hospitals and ambulatory services


An integrated set of interconnected modules for an optimized patient care trajectory


Service Requests and Consultation/Examination Requests (Module)

  • Integrates with provincial assets such as CRDS (SAFIR), and adheres to prescribed standards.
  • Effectively manages waiting lists and improves waiting times for users.

Appointment Management (Module)

  • Includes customizable quotas, overbooking, and multiple appointment scheduling options.
  • Sends appointment confirmations and reminders automatically to reduce the risk of “no-shows.”

Improved Patient Experience (eVisits Module)

  • Allows queues to be configured according to the desired workflow to reduce overcrowding at reception.
  • Enhanced Patient Support (Patient Solutions Module)
  • Provides patients with information about their appointment, the stage of their visit and where to go when they arrive.
  • Integrates with patient kiosks and can be linked to patient call displays in waiting areas.

Professional Activity Management (Module)

  • Works for all professional sectors including rehabilitation, respiratory therapy, day medicine, etc.
  • Centralizes administrative activities in one place (caseloads, appointments, compilation of procedures, etc.).

Patient Index (Module)

  • Provides multi-site and multi-facility management of users’ personal and stay-related data.
  • Populates several systems requiring patient and stay-related data (e.g. pharmacy and radiology).
  • Produces statistical reports with the BI analytical tool for each stage (module) of the care trajectory.