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An indispensable decision-making tool


Patient Trajectory Optimization

  • Yields costing data for single patients based on the actual resources used to care for them.
  • Gives configurable, easy-to-use analysis and performance measurement tools that are updated in real time.


Extraction of Advanced Analytical Data

  • Provides self-service data drill-down, data querying and unlimited use of the Power BI tool.
  • Includes benchmarking tools to improve clinical processes and reduce unnecessary costs.


Vital Decision-Making Support

  • Evaluates the continuous improvement of decisions to facilitate their iterative evolution.
  • Includes a predictive data analysis tool essential to any ongoing or future project.


Interoperability and Secure Integration with Existing Systems

  • Integrates with virtually all data sources and centralizes information in a single point of access.
  • Integrates safely into the reality of all healthcare systems.