Quadrant Automated Callout

A tool to reach out effectively to your entire employee base

Physician checking a text message sent by a colleague for a shift exchange | mobile device

Are you equipped to communicate quickly and effectively with your employee base in the current COVID-19 crisis?

Logibec has pledged to work by your side to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic. One way we can provide assistance is by offering the Quadrant Automated Callout feature to organizations using Quadrant Workforce.

This feature can send callout messages to all employees, or a select group of employees, by text (SMS) or auto-call (pre-recorded message).

In the event of an emergency or crisis situation, healthcare organizations can quickly and effectively send out mass communications to their employees’ mobile devices with a simple process.


Emergency Callout

An Emergency Callout message is created and can include important details, such as:

an Emergency Response Code,
a description of the emergency,
a message with the employee call-to-action

The Emergency Callout message is sent via text message or auto-call

Employees receive the message with call-to-action


Collab (002)

Shift Replacement

Quadrant Automated Callout can also be leveraged to expedite the process of shift replacement. Automated messages are sent to eligible employees who fit the shift requirement through automated text messages and/or auto-calls.





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