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Working with you and your teams, our expert advisors take your healthcare facility to the next level

Our expert advisors take your healthcare facility to the next level

Logibec's team of multidisciplinary expert advisors carries out projects in tandem with healthcare facilities to help optimize both the Logibec IT solutions they have adopted and their hospital processes and thus achieve a return on their investment.

Helping healthcare facilities optimize their hospital processes

Logibec's team of expert advisors works with facilities to review and optimize existing processes and tailor-make new processes, reduce cost per activity, manage projects and change, and provide training. A six-step approach is used to develop a robust plan that will take the organization to the next level in its use of the solutions adopted.

A team of specialists who are passionate about complex hospital projects

Integrating and optimizing the clinical and patient care pathway, improving wait list reliability, reducing appointment wait times, enhancing activity centre performance, reducing average hospital stays and increasing the number of surgeries per operating room are just some examples of the 60 optimization projects possible for Logibec's team of experts.

Experts in managing and coordinating administrative healthcare projects

Whether the goal is to coordinate teams after new legislation is adopted or to ensure compliance with recent legislative updates on service billing or dispute management, Logibec has a team of knowledgeable experts who can manage large-scale administrative projects by making the most of the solutions in place.

Agile teams that work together from analysis to application

Whether they're focused on process optimization or administrative project management, Logibec's team of experts establishes collaborative workshops in order to share opinions with stakeholders from situation analysis to planning and implementation. In addition to breaking down silos, this proven method makes it possible to anticipate irritants and be flexible when change is necessary.

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    COVID-19 | Why Increasing Nurses' Autonomy with Staff Scheduling is So Important, Especially During a Pandemic
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    COVID-19 – Logibec measures
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    EMPI RFP win - Provincial mandate
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