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Migration and Updating

The migration and updating of IT systems is a necessary step to maintain optimal and secure operations, as well as team efficiency


SQL 2008 to 2017 migration

Similarly, some Logibec customers are still working on the 2008 version of SQL; a version no longer supported by its creator, Microsoft. Logibec invites its client-users to contact their representative to discuss the updating of the SQL 2008 to SQL 2017, since it includes certain vulnerabilities.

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Oracle 9 to Oracle 11 migration

Several production environments under Oracle 9 are still in operation even if the manufacturer has not supported them since 2010. For many years now, Logibec has been working closely with its customers to encourage them to migrate to Oracle 11 and remind them of the utmost importance of planning this migration immediately so that the work environments are fully supported, by Logibec and their manufacturer.

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Business continuity

To ensure the continuity of your business at all times, Logibec offers backup solutions for database and infrastructure environments. This gives clients a reliable and functional succession in case of disaster, with a minimum delay and loss of information. The proposed environments are based on solutions developed by two road-proven companies, Oracle and Microsoft.

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