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Implementation and Training

A team with experience in managing special IT projects


A team with experience in managing
special IT projects

Logibec provides clients with a team experienced in managing major IT projects, including rolling out new solutions or computer system merges or migrations, thus ensuring successful project implementation from schedule management to customized workshops and ongoing training.

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A production launch that brings peace of mind

Every project has a D-Day, but sometimes the launch date is worrying for healthcare facility managers. Logibec's team of consultants is keenly aware of its clients' concerns and is committed to supporting them before, during and after the production launch of their IT project, using validation testing, training, a direct start-up support line and more.


Effective workshops in tandem with healthcare facilities

Project management is synonymous with collaboration. Logibec constantly remains abreast of best practices in the healthcare industry and is now able to share its knowledge. Logibec thus works with its partners by delivering customized workshops throughout the client's project. Experience has shown that workshops enable the facility team and its partners to better adjust to the solution.

Consulting services at every phase of project management

Knowledgeable IT experts specializing in the healthcare sector, Logibec's consultants support facilities at each phase of implementation. Logibec's implementation specialists are committed to providing the best advice every step of the way.


Full responsibility for your project

Whether the project involves rolling out a new technology or changing out systems partially or entirely, the steps in a healthcare facility's IT life cycle represent a shift that demands top-notch support. Equipped with sophisticated tools for project management and cost and work progress monitoring, Logibec's team of expert advisors can pinpoint the project scope, deliverables and duration to quickly achieve the organizations' goals.

Ongoing customer service and training

Once production is under way, the facility management teams can rely on support from Logibec at all times, with teams dedicated to customer and technical support. Furthermore, for a smooth transition, Logibec offers video clips, tooltips, webinars and a customized and comprehensive educational program.

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Explore the different possibilities offered by Logibec with its range of technological solutions and discover a team of consultants dedicated to helping you optimize your hospital processes.

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