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Logibec’s consulting services offer customized mandates with  one common goal: improving hospital performance. Each year, millions of dollars are saved through our support in tailor made projects enabling care providers to achieve their objectives.

Reducing  waiting times in emergency departments, improving the performance of an activity center, reducing the average length of stay or increasing  operating room efficiency are just a few of over 60 customized mandates completed by our multidisciplinary team of consultants including clinical, financial and data experts.


Customized mandates tailored to the needs of healthcare facilities


Analytics producing hospital report cards by activity centre and including total potential gain

22 million

Potential gain in efficiency following a health hospital check report card by activity centre


A team of experts working towards a common goal, increased hospital performance.

Ready for
healthcare reform

Our resources and our solutions are ready for these major changes

Logibec offers the widest range of clinical and administrative solutions on the market and is the best vendor for meeting the needs of the health and social services sector.


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