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See for yourself how Logibec AI Readmission reduces the rate of unplanned patient readmissions and facilitates the development and communication of discharge plans for high-risk patients.


$288.2 million in unplanned readmission costs absorbed annually by hospitals*


Complete Platform Specifically Designed to Prepare Patient Discharges

  • Facilitates the development of discharge plans based on a list of preventive actions adapted to the conditions of each patient.
  • Communicates discharge plans for at-risk and non-at-risk patients to all care providers involved.
  • Centralizes all information about patients with high risks of readmission.

Powerful Algorithm Driven by Artificial Intelligence

  • Provides upstream identification of patients at high risk of readmission and makes them visible on the platform’s dashboard.
  • Promotes early discharge planning for a more proactive care team.
  • Improves the coordination of post-hospital follow-ups of at-risk patients for better quality of care and services.

Performance Reports

  • Includes various performance charts to track the outcome of the overall unplanned readmission reduction strategy. 

*Costs for direct care. Excludes laboratory, imaging, food, pharmacy and some other costs. If the cost of a standard stay in Quebec is applied to readmissions, the cost of readmissions in 2017-2018 could amount to some $433.7 million.