Patient Care Management

Logibec eClinibase
Facilitates access to information on service requests and appointments

Logibec EDM
Generates intelligent forms and centralize clinical documentation

Logibec Radimage
Simplifies medical imaging procedures and data extraction

Logibec Emergency Redirection
Assists triage staff in identifying and redirecting non-emergency cases

    Human Capital Management

    Logibec Scheduling
    Provides caregivers with schedules that suit their needs

    Logibec Strom
    Optimizes patient flow and clinical workload distribution

    Logibec MedSIS 3C
    Provides a platform for competency-based training

    Logibec Payroll HRS
    Facilitates hiring, training and payroll management processes

      Financial and Material Resources Management

      Logibec FMS
      Automates financial workflows and optimizes financial strategies

      Logibec MMS
      Strengthens control over the healthcare supply chain

        Performance & Analytics

        Logibec ContinuumCore
        Centralizes healthcare information in a scalable data warehouse

        Logibec Operational Insights
        Leads to optimal management of surgeries and inpatient beds

          Logibec offers healthcare management solutions that help make healthcare organizations more efficient and improve the experience of healthcare teams.

          40 years of experience in healthcare

          We have been helping and partnering with healthcare organizations for several decades, giving us a unique expertise.


          healthcare professionals and personnel users

          6 M

          patients supported


          dedicated employees


          of clients satisfied with turnaround time


          More than 3,000 sites increased their performance
          by using solutions developed by Logibec

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          There is a decrease in overall processing time. The electronic process helps reduce errors and lost prescriptions, and makes documents clearer and easier to read. The tool also facilitates prioritization and allows for a shorter cycle leading to imaging examinations. The time saved is redirected to the time needed for outpatient appointments, increasing capacity and access to care.

          Éric Savoie

          Specialized Clinical Analyst, lead for the electronic medical imaging prescription implementation project, CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal

          The ability of Logibec's solutions to provide quality, understandable and well-articulated data is 100% why our clinicians were involved in the discussions surrounding the project.

          Corrie Irwin

          Director, LGH/SGH Surgical Services Coastal,
          Vancouver Coastal

          Proper recording of the staff’s time in and out will give us accountability in addition to reducing the time wasted by nursing staff trying to find replacements. Taking this into account, along with the time saved by the current Staffing Coordinator, the system will pay for itself in a matter of months.

          Gilles Verrier

          Interim Executive Director, Lions Housing Centres

          I had the immense pleasure and the chance to work with the Logibec team on various projects for my employers in the health sector over the last 36 years. It has been an enriching experience and you have always listened to me and proposed solutions to all the obstacles encountered in our field. Thank you for all these years of collaboration and professionalism lived together.

          Manon Labresque

          Former EMR Project Manager in System Integration, CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre - Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne

          The healthcare industry must constantly innovate, and that’s what Logibec has been doing for the last 40 years! It is always a pleasure to work with this team. Their staff always answers questions quickly and follows up to ensure the products work according to our needs.

          Esther Briand

          Medical Archives and Appointments Control Centre Coordinator, CISSS of Laval

          The platform enabled our medical school to deliver on many accreditation items, and achieve an outstanding and successful accreditation, receiving an unprecedented accreditation with compliance in all 132 standards.

          Associate Dean

          Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program, University of Alberta

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